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Hello there!

You are about to try our demo version of the i-Skool software which is based on a game of colors. To do this the student will read the question, and then find and make a photo of the correct color which matches his answer, and then the software will automatically upload the photo. The software is designed to recognize colors to determine if the answer is correct.

The game is played by the student who must move around his space to find the correct color. Every correct answer they choose has it’s own specific color.

We know that the students will have fun with this game and will be able to learn faster then through traditional methods of education.


Follow  these steps  for begin:
  1. Click on “teacher” icon:  teacher-icon
  2. Simply create a unique teacher registration or use the following:
    Username: Tester
    Password: 12345
  3. Create a game for the questionnaire or choose one of existing quizzes.
    If you create a new game please create a name for your game in order to have the option to save it.
    After this you will simply insert your questions and answers. Don’t forget to mark the correct answer by clicking on x.
    You can open new table for next question by clicking on “plus”. When you finish, click on “submit” at the end of this list. Your quiz will be ready to play.
  4. Click on “Create session” –  you will receive a 4-digit code.
  5. Enter from a mobile device to the site and click on, “the student” icon: student-iconusing the browser Chrome or Safari .
  6. Choose a name and enter the code you received in step No. 4.
  7. Click the “Play”.  Many students are able to play simultaneously.
  8. Navigate back to the questionnaire on the computer and press “Play” – the game will start on the student’s mobile device.
  9. Answer the questions by clicking on the camera icon which appears in the middle of the screen and capture the color that appears next to the correct answer as you like (color may vary slightly different from that shown by the answer).
  10. Click on “OK”.
  11. Answer the rest of the questions in the same way.
  12. At the end of the game you get to the final results or score for your game.

We have also made a video instruction to assist you in testing the application!

Which mobile devices does i-Skool support? Browsers
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
For the best experience, we reccomend using up-to-date versions of Google Chrome or Safaribrow-logos
Samsung Galaxy 5
Nexsus 5
Nexsus 7
iPhone 4
iPhone 5 / 5S
iPhone 6

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